CE-32988-0: Unknown Reason

CE-34878-0: Application has crashed

CE-33991-5: Get the status of the non HTTP_GET_200 in Internet connection

CE-33179-3: Application is not found

CE-34788-0: This update file cannot be used. Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 1.50 or later.

NW-31484-0: DNS server not specified

NW-31367-0: Could not open wireless device.

NW-31194-8: Connection was reset

E-8200002E: The credit card information is not valid

NW-31453-6: The network connection has been lost. Gamers are greeted which this message as soon as they try to login to PSN via PS4.

CD-30774-1: Could Not Find The Update File (This error occur when you replace eternal PS4 500Gb HDD with another which is not supported, Note HDD for PS4 should not be thicker than 9.5mm and 5400 RPM SATA II).

CE-32958-7: Cannot Launch Application

NW-31200-6: Its Related to PS4 Firmware 1.50 (When you start downloading firmware 1.50, starts up perfectly but suddenly stops with code Error NW-31200-6).

SU-30645-8: Installing PS4 Firmware 1.50 (Download Firmware 1.50 files to USB and attach it with PS4, it gives error File Is Corrupt).

SU -30696-4: Related to PSN (PSN is Down)

NW-31297-2: Unknown Reason

NW-31456-9: Unknown Reason

CE-32889-0: Unknown Reason

CE-34878-0: This error comes while playing COD: Ghost and Battlefield 4 (It may be with the other games, not confirmed)

How to Configure Windows 7?

  1. From Windows 7 desktop, click Start – Control Panel to open the control panel window;
  2. Click Network and Internet and then click Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click Set up a new connection or network and then Connect to a workplace
  4. Select option No, create a new cnonection and then Use my Internet connection (VPN);
  5. In the Connect to a workplace window, fill the fields as shown below
  6. Internet Address: Server/host   Connection name: VPN name
  7. In Next window, enter PPTP Username , and put PPTP password into the Password field,
  8. click “Connect” button to start free VPN connection.

How to disconnect from VPN Windows 7?

  1. Go to network and sharing center
  2. In the left panel click the link change adapter settings
  3. locate and select your VPN connection
  4. right click on the connection and choose disconnect

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Enter the BIOS by hitting DEL
Go into the Frequency/Voltage Control menu
First, setup the memory frequency by setting the Memory Frequency to the rated speed (e.g. 2:10 1333mhz, 2:12 1600mhz), depending on your memory.
Second, setup the memory timings.  Under the “Parameters” heading, you will change the first 4 settings to the timings you previously identified.  For example, if your timings were 8-8-8-24, you will set the tCL to 8, tRCD to 8, tRP to 8, and the tRAS to 24.  You may need to enable your Num Lock key to use your keypad to enter the timings.
Now, exit the Memory Feature menu by hitting ESC once
Enter the Voltage Control menu
Change your DIMM voltage to the voltage your memory lists (e.g. 1.5v. or 1.65v.).  You will use the “+” and “-” buttons on your keypad.
After confirming the correct settings, press F10, Save and Reboot.
Confirm that the system POSTs and goes into Windows.

Written by: Matthew Hurwitz – EVGA Assistant Product Manager

Source – EVGA Forums

Howw to add .srt subtitles to avi

With only 856KB, AVIAddXSubs is hardly a big application to download, but it’s a key component of this tutorial. Install it now. The application is native to Windows, but should just as well with Wine if you’re using Linux or Mac OS X

Because DivX files use the same video compression techniques as AVI files, mixing in the subtitles happens in a flash. Most work, like installing those applications, needs to be done only once. From now on, the process will hardly take over a minute of your time. Continue Reading